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She suffered from hepatitis C for 20 years. She hesitated for a long time before starting treatment.3 months of treatment with Velakast , and hepatitis C was not detected .AST and ALT from 221c decreased to 31.returned to normal, Esr from 35 decreased to 12.Thank you very much!I want to tell those who hesitate.Start treatment soon!

  1. Igor

Hello. My name is Igor, 33 years old, Donetsk (HP) since 2008. I have Hepatitis C genotype 3a . In the summer of 2020, I decided to undergo HTP (Sofosbuvir with Daclatosvir). When choosing drugs, I preferred the Egyptian generics MPIViropak+Daclovirocyrl. In search of the network, so as not to purchase counterfeit, I stopped at the Moscow company "pharmacy sofosbuvir" and I did not lose, the guys are well done, they work quickly, politely and informatively.
The drugs were received promptly, within 3 days they were delivered from Moscow to Rostov. I immediately started taking them. After 4 weeks of admission, I donated blood for HCV RNA (qualitatively).And I got the answer that the virus is no more!(not detected).
Many thanks to the sofosbuvir Pharmacy company for their contribution to the fight against the "affectionate killer".


Diagnosed with hepatitis C. I thought everything was a verdict! After an unsuccessful and expensive attempt at treatment with prescription pharmacy drugs, the attending physician, thanks to him, recommended generics! I started searching in Omsk, where I live. Very expensive 50-55 tr. Ordered on this site, communicated with Konstantin. Very competent, polite consultation! Fast delivery, 3 days! Parcel tracking, payment on delivery! I took the course for 12 weeks. A month after admission, I passed the test and the result was negative! There is no hepatitis, I am healthy! Many thanks to Konstantin! Good health to all!


We bought the drugs Hetero Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir. The price is good. Drugs are available. At lunch we ordered, in the evening the drugs were brought to the address we indicated. Payment after receipt and verification of the order. No obsession (as on other sites - tortured by calls). The main thing... the drugs are real, they work. After 4 weeks of taking the cherished words in the analysis - RNA was not detected - Negative. Of the side effects - the first day passed a little like in a fog, the rest of the days sometimes there is a headache, but perhaps from a change in the weather (I am weather-sensitive). In general, the treatment is easily tolerated.
Thank you so much for your work.


Hello everyone I live in the city of Moscow in Bibirevo. At the end of the 90s, I picked up hepatitis-c, I myself am one of those with a cheerful past behind my back, I will not write much today, 10.07 2019, in the polyclinic, the doctor's eyes popped out on her forehead and she repeated several times you do not have hepatitis-c and liver tests, ideally, how can it be! MANY THANKS TO KONSTANTIN !

  1. Anton

Good afternoon! I ordered Ledifos. Nowadays there are a lot of fakes, so upon arrival of the courier, I checked everything at once. The hologram and the documents were all in order. The manager and the courier were friendly and polite. The delivery time was agreed upon and brought exactly when I need it. I am satisfied. I boldly recommend it.


I drank sofosbuvir and velpatasvir velasov Hetero for a month, after the first jar it's already minus, biochemistry is normal. Many thanks to Sofosbuvir pharmacy and special thanks to Konstantin. Delivery to Yekaterinburg in 4 days, payment upon receipt was!


My attending physician advised me to buy sofosbuvir and daclatasvir Natko, he recommended Sofosbuvir Pharmacy.
Consultant Konstantin explained everything in detail how to purchase sofosbuvir and daclatasvir drugs. After 2 days I was delivered to St. Petersburg. After a month of receiving therapy, after passing tests, the virus was not detected. Thank you all very much.


I drank the course for 12 weeks and here is the result the virus was not detected. He took therapy with sofosbuvir and daclatasvir from Hetero. Thank you very much

  1. Dina

I rarely order the delivery of drugs from the pharmacy. but in this case, not all pharmacies have this drug. I express my gratitude to your wonderful pharmacy! And the certificate for the goods was provided, which is an important factor. I. Advice is provided if necessary. Everything is for customers. I ordered , by the way , also according to recommendations . 3 months of Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir and here is the long-awaited.Not detected!This one has not been detected, it is not known how it got knocked up.Thank you for making the medicine available.Thank you that I got to honest suppliers, you are doing a good thing.Good luck to you !

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