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How to make purchases in the online store


  • Buyer — an individual who has the intention to order or purchase goods, or who placed an Order on the website, or specified in the Order as the recipient of the Goods.
  • Registered buyer — A Buyer who has provided individual information about himself to the Seller (Surname, First Name, Patronymic, email address (E-mail), Phone number), which can be used to place an Order multiple times. This information is provided when placing an Order.
  • Seller is an organization regardless of its organizational and legal form, as well as an individual entrepreneur who sells goods remotely.
  • Within the framework of these rules, for customers who have registered as an individual
  • Online store is a website where any Buyer can get acquainted with the presented Goods, their description and prices for Goods, choose a certain Product, a method of payment and delivery of Goods, send an Order.
  • Website — a collection of information resources posted on the Internet at The site is owned and administered by LLC SOFOSBUVIR Pharmacy.
  • A product is an object of sale (a thing) that has not been seized and is not restricted in civil circulation and is presented for sale in an online store by placing it in the appropriate section of the Online store. The subject of purchase and sale can only be Goods marked in the Online store as Goods with the status "in stock".
  • Order — a Customer's request for purchase and delivery to the address specified in the request of Goods selected in the Online store, sent via the Internet.
  • Carrier is an organization that delivers goods from the Seller to the Buyer.
  • Article - the designation of the product assigned by the Manufacturer.
  • Shipment period - the time from receipt of payment to shipment of the goods to the carrier. The time of shipment depends on the chosen delivery method.
  • Delivery time - the time from shipment to arrival of the goods at the destination.


    These "Rules for the Sale of goods in the SOFOSBUVIR Pharmacy Online Store" (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") determine the procedure for the retail purchase and sale of Goods through the Online Store, and in accordance with Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, are the official public offer of the hereinafter referred to as the "Seller" addressed to individuals or legal entities, hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer", when jointly mentioned, the Seller and the Buyer are also referred to as the "Parties", and each separately as the "Party".
  • Each Party guarantees to the other Party that it has the necessary legal and legal capacity, as well as all the rights and powers necessary and sufficient for the conclusion and execution of the contract of sale.
  • By ordering Goods through the Online Store, the Buyer agrees to the Rules set out below.
  • The provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (including the Regulation on retail sale (§ 2, Chapter 30), the Law of the Russian Federation "On Consumer Rights Protection" dated 07.02.1992 No. 2300-1, the Rules for the Sale of goods by remote means, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 612 dated 27.09.2007 and other legal acts adopted in accordance with them, apply to the relations between the Buyer and the Seller.
  • The Seller reserves the right to make changes to these Rules, in connection with which the Buyer undertakes to regularly monitor changes in the Rules posted on the Online store page. The Seller is obliged to post a notice of changes to these Rules no later than 7 (seven) working days before the date of their entry into force.
  • The Buyer agrees to these Rules by putting a mark in the column "I agree with the Rules of Sale" when placing an Order, or when dialing the appropriate phone number (when placing an Order by phone).
  • The minimum order amount is 1000 rubles.
  • The minimum amount for each position is 1000 rubles.


  • Both registered Buyers and without registration can place an order in the Online store.
  • The Seller is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the Buyer during registration.
  • The buyer who has registered in the online store receives an individual identification by providing a login and password. Individual identification of the Buyer allows you to avoid unauthorized actions of third parties on behalf of the Buyer and opens access to additional services. The transfer of the login and password by the Buyer to third parties is prohibited, the Buyer is solely responsible for all possible negative consequences in case of transfer of the login and password to third parties.
  • Personal information obtained at the disposal of the Online Store during registration or in any other way will not be transferred to third organizations and persons without the permission of users, except in situations where this is required by law or a court decision.


  • The Buyer's order is placed via the Internet.
  • When placing an Order, the Buyer confirms that he is familiar with the rules for the sale of Goods through the Online store and provides the Seller with the information necessary for placing an Order.
  • When placing an Order via the Internet, the Buyer finds the required product in the "Product Catalog" section and clicks on the button with the basket image to add the product to the order. After completing the selection of goods, the Buyer clicks the "Place an order" button and goes to the order completion form. The buyer fills out the form and sends the order to the Seller by clicking the "Send order" button.
  • The buyer prints out a copy of the Invoice presented on the last page of the order. The Buyer is obliged to check the correctness of the Invoice and, if necessary, contact the Seller to correct the Invoice.
  • The seller, upon receipt of payment, prepares and ships the goods. During the order processing, the "Order Statuses" are displayed sequentially in the "Personal Account". The information is updated 2 times a day: at 13-00 and 01-00 on working days.
  • The order selection period is 3 working days after receipt of payment.
  • The invoice must be paid within 4 banking days. In case of non-payment of the Invoice within the prescribed period, the order is canceled. If after the expiration of the established payment period you decide to pay the bill, it must be reissued because the prices on the site change daily, the reserve for radio components is removed and as a result, there may be no necessary quantity of goods. Or contact the manager of the online store by phone through the Contact Center by phone: 8-800-550-92-21
  • If the Buyer has any questions regarding the properties and characteristics of the Goods, before placing an Order, the Buyer should contact the Seller by phone: 8-800-550-92-21



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