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Novelty for the treatment of mantle cell lymphoma - ibrutinib

In the field of cancer treatment, breakthroughs regularly occur - new drugs, procedures, and treatment regimens appear. This fully applies to oncological diseases of the blood, in the field of treatment of which scientific breakthroughs are occurring more and more often.

One of these breakthroughs was the synthesis of a substance that can fight mantle cell lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and B-cell lymphoma - ibrutinib.

How was ibrutinib created?

In 2006, employees of the American company Celera Genomics developed a formula for a substance that resists the growth of malignant cells in the blood. Scientists reported their discovery only in 2007, after which research and testing of ibrutinib began. Six years later, in 2013, the substance was approved for use in the United States, a year later, ibrutinib was approved for use all over the world. To date, ibrutinib has been successfully used against mantle cell lymphoma as the primary treatment for the disease and to combat chronic lymphocytic leukemia, provided at least one course of treatment is carried out. In addition, ibrutinib is still being studied as a drug for other cancers of the blood and circulatory system.

Mechanism of action of the substance

The main mechanism of action of ibrutinib is associated with inhibition of Bruton's tyrosine kinase. Bruton's tyrosine kinase is a component of the B-cell receptor signaling pathway and is required for the normal maturation and functioning of B-lymphocytes. Accordingly, inhibition of this kinase by ibrutinib counteracts the growth of B cell receptor dependent malignant B cells such as mantle cell lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and B cell lymphoma cells.

Where to buy ibrutinib medications?

Modern pharmaceutical companies offer drugs containing ibrutinib to fight blood cancer. In the European part of the world, patients are most often prescribed Imbruvica tablets, which were the first to be launched on the market. However, the cost of the original medicine, which fluctuates around 230 thousand rubles per package, does not allow the majority of patients to use the medicine. An expensive drug, which is enough for one month of admission, while the course assumes a treatment period of up to 24 weeks, not everyone can afford. Due to the high cost of the drug, WHO transferred the license for the production of ibrutinib to pharmaceutical companies from India, Egypt and Bangladesh. Thanks to this, drugs with ibrutinib appeared on the market, which are significantly cheaper, and are not inferior in quality to the original. You can buy ibrutinib tablets in our pharmacy, we offer:

• Ibruxen (Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Bangladesh) ;
• Ibrutix (Beacon Pharmaceuticals. Bangladesh);
• LuciBru (Lucius Pharmaceuticals. India).
Medicines have been certified and meet all quality standards. For the purchase of drugs with ibrutinib, contact the consultant on the website.

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