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Defeat Prostate Cancer: Enzalutamide

Cancer is the concern of medical scientists and pharmacologists from all over the world. This ailment can affect anyone. A special risk group is men, since they often do not pay attention to the first signs of the disease, delaying the course of the disease, which leads to its development and transition to severe stages. One of the most common cancers in men is prostate cancer.

A disease that affects the entire hormonal system of the body. When the disease becomes metastatic, the patient can only be saved by a miracle or early treatment, which can lead to full recovery or long-term remission.

The history of the appearance of the substance

American oncologists in 1995 synthesized a substance that was intended to inhibit hormones in the body of men with metastatic prostate cancer. The substance was named enzalutamide. The patent for the substance as a means of combating prostate cancer was obtained only in 2006, after which enzalutamide began to be used to create drugs. In 2018, enzalutamide-based drugs were approved by the American medical community and the WHO. Today, enzalutamide and drugs based on it are used for the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer everywhere.

The mechanism of action of enzalutamide

Enzalutamide is intended to suppress hormones in the body of a patient with prostate cancer. In the process of taking a substance, it acts on the gland, suppressing the release of hormones. Thus, enzalutamide acts as an androgen inhibitor, significantly affecting the biosynthesis of the prostate. In addition, enzalutamide inhibits NSAAs by blocking testosterone and dihydrotestosterone production. According to clinical trials, enzalutamide has a positive effect on the condition of patients with advanced stages of prostate cancer. So, observational data indicate cases of positive dynamics in the condition of patients, long-term remission and prolongation of the life of patients. Thanks to enzalutamide and drugs based on it, metastatic prostate cancer can be successfully combated.

Where to buy Enzalutamide?

Modern pharmaceutical companies offer various drugs containing enzalutamide for the treatment of prostate cancer.
In the European part of the world, patients are most often prescribed Xtandi tablets, which were the first to be launched on the market. Despite the fact that prostate cancer affects more and more men every year, the manufacturer of the original drug is in no hurry to make it available - the price of Xtandi hovers around 170 thousand rubles per pack, which will be enough for one month of admission, while the course suggests treatment period up to 48 weeks. Due to the high cost of the drug, WHO transferred the license for the production of enzalutamide to pharmaceutical companies in India, Egypt and Bangladesh. Due to this, drugs with enzalutamide appeared on the market, which are significantly cheaper and are not inferior in quality to the original. You can buy enzalutamide tablets in our pharmacy, we offer: • Glenza (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. India);
• BDEnza (BDR Pharmaceuticals. India) ;
• Azel (Dr. Reddy's. India).
Medicines have been certified and meet all quality standards. For the purchase of medicines with enzalutamide, contact the consultant on the website.

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